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About Us

The MCS-ICS builds an interdisciplinary bridge between chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmacy by organizing and fostering the interaction between medicinal chemists in academia, industry and drug developing institutions, in an independent association devoted to education, research and development of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology through meetings, events, seminars and awards.
The MCS-ICS is a National Adhering Organization of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC), participates in various activities within this organization, and sustains strong links with other member scientific societies.

Executive Board

Prof. Nir London
President of MCS-ICS
Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Structural Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Contact:   Tel: +(972)-8-934-2513

Prof. Zvi Hayouka
Vice President of MCS-ICS
Vice Dean of Research
Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Contact:   Tel: +(972)-8-948-9019

Past Board Members

Prof. Eylon Yavin
Prof. Micha Fridman

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