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MCS-ICS Awards and Prizes

The Barry Cohen Award

2023 recipient of the Barry Cohen Award:

The 2023 recipient of the Barry Cohen Award is Prof. Chi-Huey Wong of the Scripps Research Institute.

About the Barry Cohen Award

This international prize, which is awarded annually by the MCS-ICS, became possible thanks to an endowment fund donated by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in memory of Mr. Abraham (Barry) Cohen, a longstanding member of Teva's Board of Directors, who greatly contributed to the development of the company over more than 20 years, and passed away in 2012.

Former award recipients:

Prof. Barry Trost (Stanford U.)
Prof. Paul A. Wender (Stanford U.)
Prof. Richard B. Silverman (Northwestern U.)
Prof. Brian K. Schoichet (UCSF)
Prof. Matthew D. Disney (Scripps)

Prof. Peter Seberger (Max Planck)

Prof. Daniel Rauh (TU Dortmund)

Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi (Stanford U.)

The NCK Prize

2022 recipient of the NCK Prize:

The 2022 recipient of the NCK prize is Prof. Norman Metanis from the Hebrew University.

About the NCK Prize

NCK ( is a Danish research and drug-development company (founded in 1956) that is focused on organic chemistry syntheses at various synthetic scales.
Together with the ICS, the NCK prize will be given in alternating years to a young and to a well-established medicinal chemist, respectively.

Former award recipients:

Prof. David Margulies (WIS)
Prof. Timor Bassov (Technion)


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